Turnkey365 Booking Terms


Our properties are for accommodation purposes only. No parties, functions, events and/or similar are to be held at the properties under any circumstances. As such no third-party suppliers, caterers, external contractors and/or similar are allowed onto the premises, unless by prior arrangement and written consent by management. Should the guest breach this clause, then Turnkey365 or the owner may either levy a penalty fee of a minimum amount equal to 3 (three) times the nightly rate paid or which Turnkey365, in its sole discretion, deems reasonable, or Turnkey365/ the owner shall be entitled to sue for such damages as may be legally permissible.

  1. The guest/agent shall pay Turnkey365 fifty percent (50%) of the total amount (“the booking deposit”) as contained in the invoice rendered by Turnkey365 to the guest/agent (“the booking invoice”), alternatively the amount specifically stipulated in the booking invoice. The guest/agent shall ensure that the booking deposit reflects in the nominated bank account of Turnkey365 within three (3) days of receiving the invoice for any payments from a bank account registered and held in the Republic of South Africa (“the Republic”) and within seven (7) days of receiving the invoice for any payments made from a bank account registered and held outside the Republic. Despite the aforesaid, should the booking invoice contain a specified date upon which the booking deposit is to be paid by the guest/agent, the guest/agent shall ensure that the booking deposit is paid and reflects in the bank account of Turnkey365 on or before the date stipulated therein.
  2. The guest/agent shall ensure that the remainder of the amount contained in the booking invoice reflects in the bank account of Turnkey365 no less than thirty (30) days prior to arrival for bookings outside of Peak and no less than sixty (60 days) prior to arrival for Peak bookings  ** Peak bookings fall between 15 December to 10 January
  3. In the event that the guest/agent fails to make payment of any amount due to Turnkey365 in terms of this agreement, Turnkey365 shall have the right to terminate the booking and the guest/agent shall forfeit all monies received by Turnkey365 pertaining to the booking.
  4. It is specifically recorded and agreed that Turnkey365 shall only process and/or confirm a booking made by a guest/agent once the booking deposit has reflected in the bank account nominated by Turnkey365 (within the stipulated timeframe, free of any deduction, set-off, bank charges, FOREX or any other charges or taxes), the guest/agent has signed and submitted all the relevant documentation required in terms of this agreement and Turnkey365 has received signed acknowledgement from the owner/ owner’s representative that the booking has been confirmed by same.
  5. In the event of any credit card transaction(s) made by / on behalf of the guest/agent pertaining to any monies payable to Turnkey365, the guest/agent specifically confirms under no circumstances whatsoever shall the guest/agent at any time authorise/instruct any reversal/cancellation of credit card transactions payable to Turnkey365. All credit card transactions are subject to a surcharge on top of the amount that needs to be processed.
  6. Cancellation: 
    In the event of a cancellation the guest/agent must immediately notify TURNKEY365 in writing. The cancellation date shall be deemed to be the date when such notice is received by TURNKEY365. In the event of cancellation, the following charges shall apply;
    • Cancellation 31 days or more before arrival – the initial booking deposit shall be forfeited (50% of the total booking value); or
    • Cancellation 30 days or less before arrival – 100% of the total booking cost shall be forfeited.

In the event of a Peak booking (any booking falling between 15 December – 10 January):

    • Cancellation 61 days or more before arrival – the initial booking deposit shall be forfeited (50% of the total booking value); or
    • Cancellation 60 days or less before arrival – 100% of the total booking cost shall be forfeited.

There shall be no entitlement to a refund in the event that the guest decides to stay for a shorter period than has been booked and paid for.

Cancelations due to Covid 19: Reservations made after March 14, 2020 will not be covered under any special cancellation policy. COVID-19 related circumstances not covered include: transportation disruptions and cancellations; travel advisories and restrictions; health advisories and quarantines; changes to applicable law; and other government mandates—like evacuation orders, border closures, prohibitions on short-term rentals, and shelter-in-place requirements. The standard cancellation policy will apply.

After the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization, COVID-19 and its consequences are no longer unforeseen or unexpected. See below, relating to Travel Insurance requirements.

**Travel Insurance: Guests are advised to procure suitable insurance covering cancellation and agree to purchase comprehensive travel insurance, including “Cancel for any reason cover” at the time of your/their booking. The guest/agent acknowledge that without such travel insurance, the guest/agent will be responsible for all costs arising from any cancellation, accommodation cancellation fee’s charged, re-routing or rescheduling of the trip or any emergency (medical or other) that may arise. The guest/agent agree that in the event of you failing to purchase adequate insurance cover, the guest/agent will not hold Turnkey365 responsible for any harm or loss that the guest/agent may suffer.

  1. Damages Deposit:
    The guest/agent hereby agrees to have themselves/their guests verified by Superhog prior to arrival, failure to do so would result in a refundable breakage deposit amount charged. This is used to cover any loss or damage suffered by Turnkey365, the owner and/or their representative. The guest/agent will be notified about any damages or loss within 14 working days after the premises has been vacated and checked and/or any other expenses for which the guest is liable.
  2. Load shedding: 
    South Africa has been experiencing periods of load-shedding (What is Load Shedding). This means that electricity goes off for periods of 2.5 hours at a time. We often do not know in advance when this will happen. However, there is an app you can download in order to ensure you know what times it will take place and plan your day accordingly. Please see following the link to the app; Load Shedding App.We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. This is unfortunately something that is out of our hands and governed by the South African Electricity providers. Accordingly, neither Turnkey365, nor the owners/owners representative shall be liable for any refunds, compensation or discounts as a result of services being unavailable due to load shedding. Where a property is advertised and/or supplied with an alternative power supply (Inverter, Solar, UPS etc), kindly note that the efficient operation of such items are dependent on various factors, i.e. type of system, age of system. load placed on the system, frequency of power outages, sun exposure etc.Turnkey365 / the owner cannot be held liable for efficient and un-interrupted supply of power via these alternative power  sources and/or complete failure of the system.
  3. Occupancy & use of property:
    Guests acknowledge that they have a permanent place of residence, and the use of the accommodation is for holiday purposes only, specifically for the duration of the booking as per the booking invoice/document submitted by Turnkey365.

The premises are only to be utilised for the personal use of the guest and the number of occupants shall not exceed as per the original request processed by the guest/agent. At no point in time shall the number of occupants exceed the maximum number as per what the property can accommodate. The premises shall be used only as a private residence. It is specifically recorded that the terms of this agreement is binding on all persons who occupy the premises. The guest/agent shall advise Turnkey365 immediately of any intended increase in the number of occupants who are to occupy the property at any time during the occupation period, as well as the duration of their proposed occupancy of the property.  It is recorded that any such additional occupants shall only be entitled to occupy the premises with the express written consent of Turnkey365, which consent may be withheld by Turnkey365, in its sole and absolute discretion. Additional occupants could be subjected to an additional charge of double the nightly rate paid or as determined by Turnkey365.

The guest shall have the use of the linen and bath towels on the premises, but these (nor any other items) shall be removed from the premises. The guest shall keep the premises and the contents in good order and at the termination of the agreement period will return the premises and the contents in the same good order and condition as they were at the commencement of the agreement. If we are unable to do a same-day turnaround on the property due to the state it was left in at Check-out by the main guest or group, the main guest will be held liable for any extra cost incurred to clean the property and restore it to the same state they received it. The guest and/or their representative will be liable for the cost of repairing any damage to the premises, even if the cost of the damages is more than the refundable deposit amount. Any lost keys or keys not returned, could result in locks and keys being replaced and the guest will be held accountable for costs. The guest shall not be allowed to make any duplicate copies of the keys in respect of the premises without the prior written consent of Turnkey365 and shall upon departure deliver all keys, including remote controls to Turnkey365.

If the number of guests exceed that of the original number of guests permitted on the premises, the guests/tenants will be charged an additional fee or requested to vacate the property or both. A minimum fine of R10 000 will be charged if smoking, narghile, shisha, goza, hookah, water pipes, battery powered electronic smoking devices or any other activity that burns tobacco (or similar) takes place indoors on the property or guests/tenants may be requested to vacate the property or both. You will be billed additionally for the cleaning of the property. Under no circumstances will there be any pets allowed on the property, a minimum R10 000 fine will be implemented and you will be asked to vacate the property. You will be billed additionally for the cleaning of the property.

The guest shall not have the right to assign or sublet the premises, or any portion thereof. The guest shall not cede any of his / her rights or delegate any of his / her obligations in terms of this agreement.

The guest confirms that he/she shall be wholly responsible for the actions of all occupants on the property, including any 3rd party suppliers arranged and/or commissioned and additional visitors. The guest confirms that he/she shall inform all occupants, visitors and/ or 3rd party suppliers of the terms of the booking and house rules (if applicable). The guest shall be liable for any loss or damage suffered by Turnkey365 or the owner of the property due to the actions of any additional occupants, 3rd party suppliers, contractors and/or visitors.

For reference, please note that standard check-in time is 14h00 and the standard departure time is 10h00, unless prior arrangement is made with Turnkey365.

  1. Behaviour: 
    The guest undertakes not to cause a nuisance to any other guests or occupiers of adjacent properties of which the premises forms part of or in the vicinity of the occupied premises by any means whatsoever.  Should the guest or anyone in their group behave in an unacceptable manner by civilised standards the entire party may be required to vacate the property without notice. Playing music loudly after 10pm will not be tolerated.
  2. Child Safety:
    Most of the Turnkey365 rental properties have child safety issues and concerns for guests with younger children such as balconies, split level terraces with steep drops and unfenced pools. Those staying with children do so at their own risk and are urged to take all due care and attention during their stay. Please note, in regards to the swimming pool/pool area, no children should be allowed in the pool or surrounding area without an adult. The pool depth varies depending on properties.
  3. Swimming Pool: 
    All people using the pools at our properties do so at their own risk. The managing company and owners can not be held liable for any loss or injury incurred whilst using the pool. Adult supervision is required for all children aged 12 and under entering the pool area. There is strictly no jumping or diving allowed in the pool/pool area.
  4. Additional Services:
    The guest shall be responsible for paying the cost of additional services (if applicable) during occupation, which cost shall be paid directly. * Please note WiFi does not necessarily constitute free usage. Please check with your consultant whether data is inclusive.
  5. Complaints: 
    The guest/agent must report any concerns / defects, of whatsoever nature, regarding the premises to the guest relations manager, Turnkey365 or the owner and/or their representative within 24 (twenty-four) hours after occupation. Failing this, it will be construed that the premises contain everything in good order and condition. The guest shall not make any alterations or additions to the premises. Please allow reasonable time for defects to be rectified. The properties are “working assets” and certain unforeseen defects can/will occur.
  6. Right of access: 
    Turnkey365, the owner and/or their representatives shall have the right of access to the premises, in order to effect any repairs to the premises, or for any emergency purposes. The guest would be notified timeously so that the guest is not inconvenienced.
  7. Photographs / web information/descriptions:
    These are intended to give an overall impression of a specific property. Turnkey365 cannot be held liable for any items of furniture or chattels, which appear in the description or photographs used in our brochures / websites or via e-mail, which may have changed or been removed from the property or any aspects of the property’s environment which may have changed since the photographs were taken. The guest undertakes to pay an amount equal to any claim made against Turnkey365 by any party / person for any loss /   damage or injury suffered in or on the premises in consequence of any act or omission by the guest or any persons under the guest’s control or who occupy the premises due to the guest’s occupation of the premises.
  8. Liabilities:
    Turnkey365, nor the owner of the accommodation, shall not be responsible, nor be held in any way liable for the following occurrences and no compensation shall be forthcoming from Turnkey365 in the event of such occurrences:
    • In the event of Turnkey365 facilitating/arranging additional third party services and products, i.e. car hire, cot hire, chefs, catering, cleaning, security services, tours, transfers, baby-sitting services and other guest-related services, Turnkey365 cannot be held liable and/ or responsible for the quality and service delivery of such additional third party services and/or products. Payment for such services shall be in addition to the accommodation paid by the guest and where applicable, settled directly with the relevant service provider.
    • Internet (ADSL, WIFI, 3G etc.) is provided by a 3rd party supplier and Turnkey365 nor the owner, is responsible for the reliability and/or speed of the internet provided at the property (if applicable). Unfortunately, the speed and up-time of our internet services are sub-standard compared to Europe, USA etc.
    • Any water or electrical cuts, defects or breakdown of any equipment or appliances in the property (although, upon notification of the problem by the guest, Turnkey365 shall endeavour to restore or replace such item within a reasonable time).
    • The existence of any insects, vermin or other animals within the boundaries of the rental property (although, upon notification by the guest, Turnkey365 shall endeavour to eradicate such problem within a reasonable time).
    • Any noise or disturbance originating beyond the boundaries of the rental property, including (but not limited to) construction work within the area.
    • Any loss or damage to property belonging to the guest, howsoever caused.
    • Any injury to, illness, or death of the guest, howsoever caused.
    • Force Majeure including but not limited to the following: any act of God including flood, fire and all other natural disasters, riots and all and any other acts or omissions beyond the control of the defaulting party

In view of the fact that Turnkey365 is not the owner of the accommodation and is simply acting as a conduit, under no circumstances will Turnkey365 be held liable for any negligence and/or willful default by the owner of the accommodation.  If the owner of the accommodation does not honour the terms of your booking, you will not have any claim against Turnkey365, but your recourse will be against the owner directly.

Per clause 6, it is the responsibility of the traveling party to take out adequate and fully comprehensive travel insurance including cancellation cover and cover of theft of personal items.

  1. Disputes:
    The guest undertakes to pay an amount equal to any claim made against Turnkey365 by any party/person for any loss, damage or injury suffered in or on the premises in consequence of any act or omission by the guest or any persons under the guest control.
  2. Breach of Agreement:
    In the event of the guest/agent committing a breach of any of the terms of the agreement, Turnkey365 or the owner, shall call upon the guest/agent to remedy the breach. In the event that the guest/agent fails to remedy same, then Turnkey365 or the owner shall be entitled at his/ her sole discretion and without prejudice to claim specific performance of the terms of this agreement or to cancel this agreement and related reservations.
  3. Entire Agreement:
    The guest/agent hereby warrants that they have the right to enter into this agreement; and the guest/agent will at all times act in a manner in accordance with the law; and all information provided by the guest is true and accurate in all material respects.If any clause or term of this agreement shall have been held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, unenforceable or illegal, then the remaining terms and provisions of this agreement shall be deemed to be severable there from and shall continue in full force and effect unless such invalidity, unenforceability or illegality goes to the root of this agreement. The terms and conditions of this agreement and associated invoice shall constitute the sole contractual basis on which the parties will contract with each other, unless specifically agreed and signed to otherwise in writing.The guest/agent agrees that, should any dispute arise pertaining to this agreement or any obligations there under, such dispute shall be adjudicated in terms of the laws of the Republic of South Africa regardless of which country, court or jurisdiction the dispute is heard and adjudicated.
  1. The guest/agent hereby warrants that they have the right to enter into this agreement; and the guest will at all times act in a manner in accordance with the law; and all information provided by the guest is true and accurate in all material respects.
  2. You acknowledge that Turnkey365 acts simply as the conduit for the conclusion of a contract between yourself and the owner (or his/her appointed representative) of the Premises. As such, by your signature hereto, you acknowledge that any claim for damages, whether contractual or delictual, and stemming from any issues pertaining to the Premises or booking or any other reason whatsoever, can only be made against the owner of the Premises (inclusive of any claim made in terms of the Consumer Protection Act No.68 of 2008) and that any right to claim damages as against Turnkey365 for any reason whatsoever is hereby waived by yourself and all who occupy the Premises under your title.