Turnkey365 Media Statements

2 Oct 2020, Cape Town Western Cape

Media Statement Update

We are pleased that the rule of law and property rights have been upheld. The actions of the WeSeeYou collective to illegally hijack a home have caused incalculable damage, pain and suffering. Much-needed confidence in the market has been lost, livelihoods have been placed at risk, and there has been a loss of income. This at a time when we and many others in the tourism industry are desperately trying to recover from the financial devastation of Covid-19.

25 Sept 2020, Cape Town Western Cape

Media Statement Update

Following the refusal of a group of guests to vacate a property under our management in Camps Bay, we have instituted both legal and civil proceedings to achieve an eviction and recoup all costs incurred. We sympathise with their cause and support the right to protest within the confines of the law. We intend to fulfil our mandate and protect the legal rights of the homeowner. Equally we intend to uphold the legal rights of our small business as well as those of our colleagues across the tourism industry as we struggle to recover from the impact of the Covid19 pandemic. Given this is now a legal matter under investigation by the appropriate authorities, we will be making no further comment at this time.


22 Sept 2020, Cape Town Western Cape

A plea for the immediate evacuation from rental house in Camps Bay.

In light of the recent matter with regards to the unlawful occupation of one of our listed properties in Camps Bay and the #WeSeeYouMovement, TurnKey365 Property Management Group has issued the following statement in this regard:

Since March 2020, the tourism industry, and a surmountable amount of businesses in and around South Africa, have been negatively affected by the loss of income and subsequent negative revenue stream predominantly generated by both local and overseas travelers. This revenue stream is not only responsible for progressing the tourism industry in South Africa and for generating job opportunities and various areas of employment, but is also the sole income generator for many previously disadvantage employees and their families.

Turnkey 365 Property Management Group, contrary to public reports, is NOT an internationally owned business, but rather a medium sized local tourism & property management company responsible for the employment of 14 South African domestic staff, and a diverse and predominantly female led team. These individuals are directly responsible for maintaining various investor’s properties, for assisting holiday makers during their stay, and for ensuring clients return and continue to feed the local tourism industry. These investors and the respective owners of these properties, have chosen to invest in our country, are tax payers, and provide endless employment opportunities for numerous individuals who form part of this tourism catalyst. They cannot be punished for investing in our country, nor are we able to hold them at ransom for a cause which does not involve them.

The guise under which the guests secured the booking has not only been dishonest, but their ‘indefinite’ occupancy and refusal to allow staff onto the property has led to many staff unable to perform their duties resulting in a further compromise on their livelihoods and ability to support their families. In addition, much needed future bookings are being compromised resulting in a further setback for a small company already suffering and attempting to recover from the throes of Covid-19.

It is in this respect, and with a fervent endeavor to protect our staff and their subsequent families and livelihoods, that Turnkey365 requests the current guests to vacate the property in Camps Bay by the 24th September 2020 at 17h00 and no later, in order to accommodate an upcoming reservation starting 25 Sept 2020. Our staff and their families have already suffered enough during these extraneous circumstances and whilst we understand and respect the group’s cause and belief, we are not in the position to negotiate or facilitate their stay longer than already communicated contractually without seeing severe impact on our employees, which are as vulnerable as the group behind #WeSeeYou.


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